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Abu Bakr lightly forced him aside, ascended the fresh new procedures of lectern in the mosque and treated individuals, stating

Abu Bakr lightly forced him aside, ascended the fresh new procedures of lectern in the mosque and treated individuals, stating

“If i were to get a friend apart from my Lord, I’d get Abu Bakr since the a friend.” (Hadith)

Election toward Caliphate

The latest Prophet’s nearest Spouse, Abu Bakr, wasn’t introduce when the Holy Prophet breathed his last in the brand new flat from their precious spouse from advancing years, Aisha, Abu Bakr’s de- to learn of Prophet’s passage, Abu Bakr hurried with the home of sorrow.

Whenever Abu Bakr made an appearance of one’s Prophet’s flat and you can bankrupt the headlines, disbelief and you can dismad is the top, the fresh book as well as the holder off Divine disclosure compliment of just who it is produced off idolatry and barbarism to your technique for God. How could he die? Also Umar, among bravest and strongest of your own Prophet’s Friends, forgotten his composure and drew their sword and endangered to eliminate whoever mentioned that brand new Prophet is actually inactive.

“And Muhammad is however, good Messenger. Many Messengers have remaining in advance of your; if the then dies or is killed, do you reverse abreast of the pumps?” [3:144]

Towards hearing this type of words, individuals was consoled. Despondency provided location to rely on and you will comfort. That it crucial moment had enacted. Nevertheless Muslim area is today facing an incredibly severe problem: that of choosing a leader. After specific talk one of several Companions of the Prophet who had put together so you’re able to find a leader, they turned into visible you to no body are finest suited for that it obligation than just Abu Bakr. An element of the message the original Caliph gave after their election had been cited from the introduction.

Abu Bakr’s Existence

Abu Bakr (‘The Proprietor away from Camels’) wasn’t his real name. He received this term later on in daily life because of their great need for elevating camels. His genuine name was Abdul Ka’aba (‘Slave of Ka’aba’), hence Muhammad later changed to Abdullah (‘Slave out of God’). The newest Prophet in addition to offered him the brand new identity away from ‘Siddiq’ – ‘The Testifier to your Realities.’

Abu Bakr was a pretty wealthy merchant http://hookupdaddy.net/gay-hookup-apps, and you will ahead of he adopted Islam, was a number one citizen from Mecca. He had been three years younger than just Muhammad and lots of absolute attraction received them together with her out-of first boy hood. He remained new nearest Companion of your own Prophet all through brand new Prophet’s life. Whenever Muhammad basic allowed his nearest friends and you may family relations so you’re able to Islam, Abu Bakr was among earliest to accept it. He plus convinced Uthman and you may Bilal to just accept Islam. During the early days of the newest Prophet’s purpose, when the couple of Muslims have been confronted with relentless persecution and torture, Abu Bakr bore his complete display out-of hardship. Ultimately when God’s consent found emigrate out of Mecca, he was the main one picked because of the Prophet to praise your to the hazardous go Medina. From the multiple fights which took place during the life of brand new Prophet, Abu Bakr was constantly from the their front. After, he introduced all the his land on Prophet, who had been elevating currency with the defense out-of Medina. The newest Prophet questioned ” Abu Bakr, what did you leave individually? ” The fresh respond showed up: ” Goodness with his Prophet. “

Even before Islam, Abu Bakr is actually known to be one from upright character and you will amiable and you may caring characteristics. All through their life he was sensitive to peoples suffering and you will type into the terrible and powerless. In the event he had been rich, he resided very only and spent their money to have foundation, getting freeing submissives and also for the cause of Islam. The guy have a tendency to spent area of the night inside the supplication and you will prayer. The guy distributed to his family relations a pleasing and you can affectionate home lives.